Wildlife celebrity Chris Humfreys to visit Henley on Lake Wallace in Edenhope

Chris Humfrys, a wildlife expert and television celebrity, will be coming to Henley in 2015 to share his amazing hand-reared wildlife collection. Chris, who owns his own zoo, is so passionate about Australia’s wildlife that the ABC3 have a television show ‘Chris Humfreys wildlife’ all about his crazy family life.

Chris will have several stage shows and a display area open all day at next year’s Henley on Lake Wallace so that children can learn about, hold and touch some of Australia’s native animals. Henley will take place on Saturday the 14th of February in Henley Park, Edenhope.

 Interested in wildlife since a young child, Chris grew up with pet snakes and lizards, alongside more traditional family pets.  His interest in animals led to Chris studying zoology at university and then starting his own mobile zoo, Wild Action.

Chris’s appearance at Henley is partially supported by bankmecu and the Junior Landcare group in Edenhope. Landcare facilitator Rachael Lloyd said “Chris is very knowledgeable about the animals of the West Wimmera. He has had many of the local species as childhood pets such as shingleback lizards, water dragons, bearded dragons and even the more dangerous tiger snakes and red-bellied black snakes”. The bankmecu landbank in Minimay and Ozenkadnook, a fantastic initiative that has seen many locals tree planting for fundraising, is home to many of the species Chris will display.

Chris is looking forward to his visit to Edenhope, having always had a keen interest in the 'Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo' and he loves the chance to spread his passion for wildlife. “There is no better way for children to learn about nature than seeing live animals and even getting to hold them!” he said. Chris will also be bringing animals such as a koala, dingo, salt water crocodile so the children will get a chance to experience animals they wouldn’t normally encounter.

For more information about Chris and what’s to come at Henley in 2015 visit the webpage or for more regular updates like the group ‘Henley on Lake Wallace 2015’ on facebook.

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