Red-tail banners on the road.

The Red-tail banners have been getting about the place over the past couple of weeks. First at Wimmera Biodiversity Day then to Mt Gambier Library and then at the Naracoorte Caves 'Threatened Species Day'. Follow the link below to see the pictures

Barry Clugstone (pictured below) was one of the speakers at the Wimmera Biodiversity Day. Barry was the first Extension Officer for the Red-tails and organised the first few annual counts.


Becky McCann (pictured below) works with DENR, Mt Gambier and organised the library display for Threatened Species Month.

Evan Roberts (pictured below) is a long term member of the Red-tail Recovery Team and well known local farmer. Evan often lends a hand with the Red-tail displays at Lucindale Field Days. This time Evan was helping at the Naracoorte Caves Family Day.

The teachers and students from Edenhope put together a great display featuring Red-tails.

Tim (left), the Red-tail coordinator, caught up with Karak the Commonwealth Games mascot at the Naracoorte Caves Threatened Species Day.

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