Fine Artwork features Red-tails

Camila De Gregorio
Eggpicnic is a design studio set up by two Sydney based artists who create fine art bird & animal prints and toys. Their artwork features our very own Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo. A small percentage of the profit made from sales of this print goes to support the work done by BirdLife Australia. Please read on to learn more about Eggpicnic and their love for birds and Red-tails.


Eggpicnic was born from our mutual interest and love for the natural world. As designers, we decided to merge our abilities in graphic and industrial design to communicate issues we believed needed to be urgently addressed in regards to our relationship with our planet. We began fusing design and conservation to talk about our unique fellow species in order to inspire change in people’s hearts and minds. It became our mission to tell their stories through our work. We believe we are all capable of shifting the future and that education is fundamental in doing so. If you can reach people you can change and empower them. We aim to bring animals into people’s homes, tell their stories and also actively work with our NGO partners to support their conservation programs.

Since moving to Sydney I was blown away by its wildlife but especially by the birdlife.  Many Australians don’t realise the relationship they have with their native birdlife. Having giant cockatoos fly up to their homes and have the opportunity to socialise with them is something that happens in very few places on Earth, but here seems to be the norm.

While we started working with birds as our subjects we began birding and joined Birding NSW as we wanted to experience firsthand what was happening. We volunteer in KBA surveys and bring this information back to our audience. Working with scientists has allowed us to establish multidisciplinary partnerships, where together we are able to create a bridge between science and citizens. We rely on the data developed by scientists to open up conversations about our wildlife and the problems they face. With this information we are able to identify and determine aspects that can engage citizens and ultimately make a change.

Cockatoos have become a part of the landscape and a part of our daily lives. The RTBC was the first black cockatoo I ever drew, not only because of their evident beauty but because I couldn’t comprehend how we had let the species reach such low numbers. This was the first bird that opened my eyes to the challenges our wildlife face and allowed me to understand the importance of creating a society to match the scenery. This is a great time to take part in this change, we can make this happen. We need people to understand it’s worth doing.

Camila De Gregorio, Co-founder Eggpicnic

To find out more or to purchase prints please visit Eggpicnic by clicking here.

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