Report your cocky sightings!

Tim Burnard
The Recovery Team and BirdLife Australia are again urging the public to report all sightings of the endangered South-eastern Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo in preparation for the 2016 annual count, which will be held on Saturday 7 May.


At this time each year we call upon landholders and members of the public to report all sightings of Red-tails to maximise the number of cockatoos counted on the day.

Pre-count sighting information helps us to strategically situate volunteers participating on the day in areas where birds have been recently seen.

We are particularly interested in reports of Red-tails drinking at troughs or dams, as this is where we tend to count big numbers of birds on the day.
The success of the count relies heavily on this information.

If you see Red-tails between now and May don’t store them up, get in contact and let us know as it will make all the difference. Sightings can be reported through the website by clicking here or by calling Freecall 1800 262 062.
Make sure to provide your contact details, the date and time of the sighting, estimate of the number of Red-tails observed, the location and grid reference for the sighting and some information about what the birds were doing ie feeding, drinking, flying etc.

We are also looking for volunteers to assist with the 2016 Red-tail Annual Count. If you are interested in participating please contact Bronwyn Perryman, Project Coordinator on 1800 262 062 or via email

For more information about what’s involved on the day visit our annual counts page by clicking here.

We look forward to receiving your reports!

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