Help our Red-tails

Fence off existing stands of Stringybark and Buloke and scattered paddock trees on your property, to protect from stock damage and to allow for natural regeneration.

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Incentives for nests

Incentive payments are again being offered to landholders and members of the public for the discovery of new nests sites as part of the Red-tail Nest Incentive Scheme.

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Join the count

Although we can’t guarantee you’ll see a Red-tail on the day, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a fun day out in the bush searching for our colourful cockatoos.

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2015 BirdLife Australia Calendar - Now Available

Australia’s birds are delightful—whether they’re gliding through the sky, splashing around in a birdbath, or whistling a song outside your window in the early morning, their beauty is inspiring and their antics truly charming. And with the 2015 BirdLife Australia wall calendar now available you can enjoy them in your home all year long.

The 2015 BirdLife Oz calendar has arrived and it is gorgeous! Full of spectacular photos and fascinating facts about our feathered friends, it's like having a little bit of the Aussie beach, bush and outback inside your home all year long! And even better, it's just $14.95 including postage.

This year, BirdLife is profiling twelve more beautiful Aussie birds including our very own South-eastern Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo!

Other bird species featured (to name just a few)  include the Painted Honeyeater, Bush-stone Curlew, and Gouldian Finch - a bright bauble of a bird from Australia’s northern climes which has suffered population declines as its habitat is cleared and new fire regimes alter the landscape.

Challenges like these remind us why BirdLife Australia is committed, every day, to improving the understanding and protection of birds. Your support is what makes that possible—and with all profits from the 2015 calendar going towards BirdLife’s vital conservation work your purchase will make a real difference (and a great Christmas gift!).

Order your calendar here:

And thank you for supporting BirdLife Australia’s efforts to help the birds!

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